ercp diet

Why You Need To Be Cautious With An ERCP Diet

ercp diet

Aside from being psychologically prepared for ERCP, patients need to be physically prepared before an ERCP by following their physician’s orders regarding their diet. There are also special instructions that your physician needs you to do after the operation, so it is best to write your physician’s advice, so you won’t forget them.

ERCP Malpractice in Diet

Among the cases of ERCP malpractice include not being informed of diet requirements properly and taking prohibited medications that may alter the ERCP procedure. Persons that are advised to undergo ERCP are usually out-patients, so they need to be properly guided by the physician on diet restrictions, so they can recover fast and avoid serious complications after surgery.

“Being cautious of your diet means you are consistently following your physician’s advice on what time to eat and not to eat or take medications or drinks.”

Common ERCP Diet Advice

Depending on your schedule of operation, these common diet advice before and after ERCP applies:

Drinking Clear Liquids

If you are scheduled for ERCP later in the day, clear liquids can be taken 4 hours before the operation. This means that only water can be taken before an operation. Juices, wine, coffee and other concentrated beverages are strictly off limits. Clear Liquid Diets may also be recommended by your physician after surgery for 24 hours in order to relieve digestive system.

Avoiding Restricted Medications

Blood thinners, blood pressure medication, dietary supplements, antidepressants, Diabetes medications and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are just some of the medicines which can disrupt the process of ERCP, so it’s best to inform your doctor before if you are currently taking these types of medications, so he can reschedule or help you refrain from taking these.


ERCP patients are not allowed to eat 8 hours before the procedure or as advised by their physician. This also includes refraining from eating gums and candies and smoking which increases saliva that can make ERCP procedure difficult to attain.

Nil Per Os Diet

Nil Per Os or NPO is a diet wherein the patient takes food or drink by Intravenous Fluid and not through the mouth. This may take 24 hours.

Low-fat Diet

The low-fat diet is given to the patient after surgery and may last for a week to prevent upset stomach and further complications from the ERCP procedure.