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Rights of a Patient Affected by ERCP Malpractice

counselingEndoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a high risk diagnostic and therapeutic procedure used to determine and treat biliary problems. It is not intended for diagnosis alone, your physician must have a secure recommendation that immediate treatment will follow right after the procedure or the ERCP would not be worth the risk.

counselingERCP malpractice occur in most cases where patient is not educated well about the procedure and there are lapses on the part of the physician or medical institution in handling medical equipment or carrying out this complex process. It’s vital for patients to know and make effective use of their rights when it comes to ERCP malpractice.

While it’s normal for patients to have side effects after an ERCP, having permanent injury from an ERCP malpractice is a clear ground for lawsuit. Having experienced lawyers who know how to work around your case will help you be entitled to rights such as:

Economic Support

Economic support includes compensation on medical bills and prescribed medications acquired by patient during and after the proven medical malpractice, and monetary claims after being incapacitated to work for a living or incurring absences from work because of frequent hospitalization. While patients are freely entitled to this right, they must meet deadline and requirements for filing ERCP malpractice lawsuits in Florida.

Non-economic Support

When the ERCP malpractice is proven, the patient will receive non-economic support such as medical care and other related services. $500,000 worth of damages will be paid by medical practitioners while $750,000 will be paid by non-practitioners who are involved in the malpractice. However, $1-million worth of damages will be paid if patient dies or is in a minimally conscious state. Providers will be charged $350,000 as well, same with the involved health care facility including a punitive charge of $250,000.

Special Support

Pain and suffering experienced by the patient’s loved ones need immediate attention which is why special support is given to the patient’s family members for coping with loss if the patient dies or special services intended for building up relationships between the spouses and the rest of their family members.

ERCP malpractice claims depend entirely on the materials, procedures and specialty obtained by physician or healthcare institution. You need a good lawyer to assess and investigate your case in order to get the full support you deserve. Visit to get a free legal consultation or call 888.726.6735.